Mobile Applications

We now live in a mobile world. Consumer and enterprise mobile devices are more prevalent than ever. On these devices run many applications that are often insecure since they are built by technology teams where security ends up being at the bottom of the priority list.

Our team has significant experience in assessing Android, iOS, and MS Surface applications. We use the latest cutting-edge reverse engineering and static analysis tool platforms such as Breakman/Fortify/PMD/IDA Pro to analyze the source and the binaries statically. This lets us identify common mobile security and privacy problems such as unprotected sensitive data, open intents, unrestricted RPC/IPC points, embedded secrets, client-side logic bypasses, client-side SQL injections and more. We then follow this up with dynamic analysis using runtime introspection and injection tools. Finally, network traffic is analyzed as the application communicates with web services and servers to transmit and receive user and application data.

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